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Pricing and Policies


 2017 Whitetail Hunts - 6 day Hunts - $5500.00 USD License & Tax included.

10 Day Hunts - $7500.00 License Included. 

*All whitetail deer hunts are 5 1/2 days. Monday - Saturday noon, We will work with clients to let them stay the Saturday afternoon if they are not tagged out. Arrive Sunday after 1:00 PM, plan to depart Saturday afternoon. A $2000.00 deposit is required to hold spot.

Migratory Game Birds (Paradise Hill) 
$2500.00 - License Included. 
Geese in the morning, alternating ducks in the afternoon.
*3 mornings of goose hunting and 2 afternoons of duck hunting.

$800 deposit to hold spot 

Fall Bear & Waterfowl Combo Hunt (5 day) - 2013
$5000.00 plus cost of licenses ($305.00)

5 day Waterfowl only - $4000.00

Spring Bear Hunt 2017
$3500.00 LIcense Included. Call Grant today. 
$1000.00 deposit to hold spot.


Anyone wounding a Bear or Whitetail Deer and we can not retrieve it there will be a $1500.00 charge to continue the hunt. 


Anyone shooting a deer under 140 inches will pay a $500.00 fee. We are doing this to protect our younger deer herd and to promote trophy deer hunting for the future. (first time hunters and hunters over 70 are exempt)

Additional Costs and Ground Rules

Tips for guides and camp help are not included and although
it is up to the hunter, the average tip for a guide is 10-15% of the hunt cost
Tip on tips :) -Please remember to tip your cook and the cleaning lady. Avg tip is $50.00 per hunter to both. 
HUNT WEEKS start on arrival on Sunday and ends on the following Saturday.
Non-hunters are welcome at a fee of $1500.00 per week.
All taxes have been incorporated in the hunt cost. No additional Taxes Charged.