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The Hunt

Saskatchewan Waterfowl

A pointed rock or root has been poking your back for an hour but you cannot move. Overhead flock after flock of Canada geese are moving across the sky and your guide has been luring them over to the decoy set with amazing regularity.

"Fifteen birds coming in low at three o'clock! Get ready guys!" whispers the guide. Beside him a Lab trembles in excitement but remains crouched in the camo net.

"They see the decoys and are coming over for a look - keep still guys!" The rock is forgotten for the tenth or twentieth time - who is counting? You can hear the crazy honking of the incoming flock and your guide's frantic response. Louder and louder until suddenly...

"Here they come, TAKE 'EM!"

The sky is moving as you pick out a huge honker and pull enough lead on him to crumple him with a deadly load of steel shot. Pandemonium as the honking, shotgun blasts and exited shouts blend into goose hunting Saskatchewan style. It is over in an instant. The survivors are black spots in the dark gray sky as you reload your shotgun and watch the dogs bring in the heavy birds.

"Get down guys, here comes another bunch!" and you feel that same rock and it grinds into the same spot in your back. Feels great! Wouldn't change it for anything.

The honking intensifies to a concert out of control, the dogs tremble and whimper to themselves, your buddies are either joining in the calling or silently enjoying the build-up to...

Come up to Buck Paradise Outfitting and find out. Grant Kuypers has the answer.

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