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About Buck Paradise


Buck Paradise Outfitters, operated by Grant and Lana and his two sons, Garet and Ian, of Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan. It offers some of the best hunting in Western Canada. Grant was raised on a farm in the Paradise Hill area and he worked as a guide in his favorite hunting areas for many years. When Buck Paradise Outfitters became available he was ready to go on his own, and the result has been great hunting and a lot of satisfied clients.

  Grant has developed Buck Paradise Outfitters into one of the finest operations in Saskatchewan. Whitetail deer, black bear and incredible waterfowl hunting are Buck Paradise specialties. Grant and his guides have provided clients from all over the world with trophies for their wall and memories for their lifetimes. Grant is very proud of his operation and he does everything in his power to offer a superior hunting experience. Let's just say that everything under his control will be done right (fact is that he hasn't quite mastered how to control the weather or the timing and movement of every duck, goose, buck an bruin - but he is working on it). 
 Grants guides and cooks share his commitment to ensuring each client has the best hunt possible. Bear baits are not just active, they are "HOT" when you arrive. Big Bucks have been located and patterned, the boys know "what is out there" since "they are out there" on a continuous basis. Goose and duck hunters can be assured that the best flights in the region have been located, the decoys are ready and all you have to do is show up for the action of your life.  
   Buck Paradise Outfitters is an extra-ordinary operation in a province with many good outfitters. If you are interested in unspoiled wilderness, comfortable lodging, hard-working guides, super meals and trophies that you will never forget, we have a hunt for you!